We’re Moving!

It’s time to upgrade this ticket to first class! This travel blog is moving to a brand new, shiny site–lesleygrigg.com! A new year calls for a new start–and a new site–in order to align with the times and spark more motivation. With the change, you’ll see more from me than just travel news. All my passions will congregate in one place, and lesleygrigg.com will become the destination for information about my books, travel, books about travel, traveling to research books, and more!

This trip won’t be flown solo. Along with expert guidance from web designer/photographer/anthropologist Andrew Farquer and his award-winning marketing firm, Liberty Digital, this new site will feature the latest in mobile optimization and design to satisfy screens and imaginations large and small! We’re working to create something that will not only showcase great content, but will also inspire creativity and wanderlust. 

I hope you continue to travel along with me on the many adventures ahead!

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