Peruvian feast

When in Peru…

What you’re looking at is a culinary wonderland, Peruvian style. I couldn’t wait to try some of these delicacies, hence the sparse plate in front, so you’ll just have to use your imagination for what it looked like before.

On the front plate you will see some scrumptious round boiled potatoes lightly sprinkled with local Maras salt. Behind the plump potatoes is a piece of rare alpaca roast beef drizzled in a plumb sauce (which also graced the plate in the back accompanied by beets). On the left is the reminence of a crispy guinea pig leg. I would like to say it tasted like chicken, but my piece was mostly crispiness with some gamey meat around the bone. The plate in the middle holds a delicious corn souffle. Warm and dense, this was almost like dessert. We wanted to sample some of the best cuisine Peru has to offer, and in just a short time I can say, mission accomplished.

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