Travel perks

Where have all the travel perks gone?

In an economy that seems to still be in a downward spiral, you would think people would be rewarded in some way for spending their well-earned money and trying to breathe life back into the system.  Especially in travel, an industry that is probably so far back in people’s minds right now since they can’t afford to journey outside their city limits let alone around the world.

But no, airlines are going to charge more and more for the little things, like baggage and snacks, and they won’t take the least bit responsibility if one of their flights is cancelled, therefore sending a traveler’s well thought out plans awry.

I may sound a little bitter, but I’ve traveled enough to know that plans are made to be changed.  All I ask is for a little love from the travel gods.  I’m trying to help you guys out here.  I’ve probably spent more on this trip than any of my other trips put together, and I still haven’t even left the states yet!

So far you’ve cancelled a flight, which has led to another one having to be cancelled, which led to a wacky rerouting of flights, which led to the postponing of a trip to HAWAII of all places!  Is a free upgrade for my troubles too much to ask?  I know all things work out in the end, and I do believe everything happens for a reason, but it would be nice to see just a little more compassion from the travel powers that be and not just end the conversation with “it’s not our fault.”  It’s not my fault either, and since I’m showing you the money, the least you can do is show a little love.

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