Where to Namaste in India

After four countries and so many flights, it was bound to happen, my luggage missed its ride on the way to India. It was only a matter of time, I knew this wouldn’t be that easy, but of all the places I’ve been so far, this was the place to lose it.

My driver must have waited for at least 2 hours for me at the airport, but he was just as kind and patient with me as if I would have shown up on time. Apparently he wasn’t surprised about the missing bag either.

Then when I arrived at Shanti Home, all my frustrations melted away as I was so graciously welcomed with smiles and bows, a flowered necklace and a cool refreshment. The word Namaste itself provokes such a feeling of peace as well, I could repeat it all day.

I absolutely love this place. No one has ever made me feel more calm at 4am. The staff has also been extremely helpful with checking on the status of my lost luggage, and hopefully I’ll have it this afternoon.

Yesterday I was given a tour of old and new Delhi, and I got to see even more exquisite architecture and feel the awe of its history. It’s not as colorful as China, but still just as beautiful with so much attention to detail. Plus, if it wasn’t interesting and exotic enough, there are wild monkeys roaming the streets, and not the cute little ones either, toddler size ones, very Jumanji like.

Today, we drive to Agra, home of the Taj Mahal, where I feel I’ll be even more overwhelmed with all its wonder and beauty. Like the Great Wall in China, I have a feeling it will trump everything else I’ve seen here so far, but why go a place to see only one thing. I’m still grateful for the entire experience.

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