Journey through the swamps

Where to next?

Since I’ve returned to the states, I’ve been asked this question multiple times.  Even though I felt like jumping right back on a plane two days after I landed home, I haven’t booked any trips…yet.

Believe me, I will travel again.  It may not be to as many countries all at once again, but I do feel another big trip is in my future.  Either a road trip across the states, or a ring around South America, I enjoy packing in as much as I can see into one adventure.

I also have a Hawaiian Airlines credit burning a hole in my pocket, and after all the snow the northeast has been getting so far this winter, a warm Hawaiian beach is way too tempting right now.

Ever since I saw this YouTube video I have also been pricing out flights to Thailand for November.

Whatever the date or destination, it’s more a question of WHO’S COMING WITH ME?  As much as I loved traveling solo and meeting new friends along the way, I’m ready for some new travel companions… I’m currently taking resumes 🙂

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