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When Writing Ends, A Journey Begins

The end is now just the beginning for my début novel. After years of writing, rewriting, and revising, I have now pushed the PUBLISH button on REMEMBER, my first paranormal young adult novel!

I decided to go with self-publishing this time around for multiple reasons:

1.Taking on the editing, formatting, and marketing of all formats of this book will teach me more about the publishing process than having third-parties handle it.

2.I wanted to keep all rights to my first novel.

3.Many publishers and agents look for authors who are already published.

4.I have final say on the cover and content. 

5.I get to decide that my novel is publishable. 

Those reading this blog post get first access to REMEMBER, which is now available for ordering online here. While this is the end of the writing process for my first novel, it’s just the beginning of the publishing process, and the first leg on a long and rewarding journey.

The final editing stages started in March. I formatted it for self-publishing, received the first printed copy–with a cover I photographed and designed! Then one last pair of editing eyes that belonged to my mother poured over it before it was released into the world! It has been quite a journey, and I can’t wait to finally share it with the ones who have been a part of the process since the beginning, and with the ones who will hopefully remember it for years to come.

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